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EVO 2060
Dishwasher Hood Type
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GDK Cantebury
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Maidaid EVOLUTION 2060 pass through dishwashers have a number of unique features like a patented DUAL flow wash pump, reduced power while retaining wash efficiency. Cycle times between 60 & 715 seconds including special cycles & times can be tailored to site requirements.
Together with selectable thermostop ensures optimum rinse temperatures. Machines fitted to cold water supplies will not be capable of running repeated short cycles, the cycle time will automatically be extended to allow recovery of correct operating temperatures.
Product Features
  • Capacity 500 x 600 mm racks
  • Takes 22 plates
  • Cycle times between 60 - 715 seconds
  • Wash tank capacity 15 litres
  • Water consumption 2.5 litres per cycle
  • Fitted with internal drain pump
  • Maximum useable height 440mm
  • Super glide hood for easy use
  • Moulded wash tank designed for easy cleaning
  • Low running costs due to improved rinse efficiency
  • Soft touch controls with bright LED display
  • Twin traffic light display indicates machine status
  • Selectable GLASS cycle for glass washing
  • Selectable GREEN cycle for minimum energy usage
  • Selectable ACT cycle for the dirtiest of products
  • Selectable LONG cycle for intensive washing
  • Selectable SANATISING cycle to achieve rating of AO30
  • Automatic self-cleaning cycle
  • Selectable energy saving mode
  • One plate rack, one open rack & cutlery basket
  • Type AA breaktank, drain pump & water softener
  • Automatic self-cleaning cycle at end of service
  • Surface scrap tray filters
  • Internally fitted water softener
  • Smooth operating self-diagnostics
  • Internal rinse booster pump
  • Adjustable feet from 380 - 405mm
  • Twin traffic light display indicates appliance's status
  • Bright LED display with soft touch controls
  • Accurate detergent and rinse aid peristaltic dosing
  • Wash temperature 60C, rinse temperature 78C
  • Water supply pressure 2 to 4 bar
  • Useable height 380mm
  • Height adjustable from 1540 to 1595 mm hood closed
  • Height adjustable from 2055 to 2110 mm hood open
  • Electric 6.7kW, 20A, three phase only
  • Electric 4.5kW, 20A, three phase only
  • Electrical options selectable below
  • H1540 to 1595 x W700 x D755mm

Appliance Info

Serial Number: 4363734
Make: Maidaid-Halcyon
Model: EVO 2060
Item: 5.09
Installed In: GDK Cantebury

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